Site Preperation – Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley / Abbotsford




Rivercross Holdings Ltd.  can help you design a proper culvert with the right materials and procedures for safe travel over streams and ditches. We take great care to understand the weight requirements traveling over the culvert and the dynamics of water flow at different times of the year. Understanding these fluctuations can prevent damage and or failure of the culvert.

Culverts should be properly sized and at a proper grade to handle peak water flow. We will make recommendations about the use of gravel or concrete for the completion of the ditch based on your particular situation. Our years of experience and skilled labor will ensure the installation of a safe and effective culvert.

Dirt Work

We offer our services for all size jobs. Regardless of how much dirt you need moved or added we have the right equipment to get the job done.

Site Preparation

The quality of any completed construction project is many times a function of the quality of the site development and preparation. Review of the following elements will be completed to ensure a quality and durable platform for the construction project.

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