Trenching & Excavation



Planning considerations

To properly prepare for trenching several considerations will be made. We will mark off the locations for the trench. Before breaking ground we will check local code for any guidelines and call “Call Before You Dig” at 1-800-474-6886. Call Before You Dig will get a local utility to come out and mark the utility lines on your property.


We will determine the size of the trench required for the job. Trench widths can vary based on drainage needs, location and utility. We will determine the equipment needed to complete the job.


The slope of the property will also be taken into consideration to ensure proper design from the width to the depth of the trench. If needed the trench will be lined with a permeable landscaping material, filled with appropriate size of gravel or the product to best suit the application. This fabric will allow water to pass through while keeping dirt and debris from clogging your drain, making it less effective.


Rivercross Holdings Ltd.   can assess your needs and develop a plan to best accommodate your needs. We look forward to speaking with you to evaluate your project

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